Things You Should Know About Perma Flex® Asphalt Overlay

Published: 12th February 2010
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When you have a parking lot or a stretch of road that is cracked, your first thought may be that you are going to have to either deal with the inconvenience, or have the asphalt replaced. The first option is not a good one, because the cracks are just going to grow and get worse over time. Ignoring problems until they go away is rarely if ever an effective strategy. Replacing the asphalt is a possibility, but taking that route can be expensive, and in many cases, it is unnecessary.

Cracked asphalt can often be repaired rather than being replaced via an asphalt overlay. This is the process of pouring fresh asphalt over the cracked portion. The problem with this method is that the cracks tend to migrate onto the new layer of overlay, so you wind up with the same problem that you had in the first place. Dykes Paving recognized this challenge posed by reflective cracking back in the 1970s, and Jim Dykes invented the solution: Perma Flex® asphalt overlay. Here are some things to know about Perma Flex®:

• Perma Flex® is the only product on the market today that is specifically designed for overlaying cracked surfaces.

• Perma Flex® utilizes aggregate that is sized specifically for each job, and it is combined with specially formulated liquid asphalt bonding agents to fill the existing cracks and mitigate the risk of reflective cracking.

• Perma Flex® is installed by highly skilled and trained contractors who can identify whether or not Perma Flex® is right for your property

• Perma Flex® is a cost effective and efficient solution for cracked asphalt surfaces.

The bottom line is that Perma Flex® can save you money and repair the cracks in your asphalt surfaces for the long haul by preventing the onset of reflective cracking. If you are not using Perma Flex®, you are not getting the best value for your asphalt overlay dollar.

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